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Re: Tarbosaurus?

Dinogeorge wrote...
>Considering that a large predatory dinosaur such as Tarbosaurus would
>probably have spent 80% of its lifespan at its adult size, one would expect
>80% of the preserved specimens to be adults, not the other way round.

     Hold on a second, I think that reasoning is skewed.  A Tarbosaurus
spending 80% of its adult life as an adult implies that adult mortality is
LOW, not high.  An individual doesn't die more frequently the longer it
lives.   Most individuals that are born die as juveniles rather then as
adults, so there should be more juvenile corpses dropping annually then
adults (assuming that dinosaurs are like most "r strategy" modern animals in
terms of juvenile mortality).  Even if the survivors live a long time as
adults, most of thier siblings died young, so dead juveniles should still
outnumber dead adults.

LN Jeff

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