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Re: Tarbosaurus?

I wrote...
<< Sure, just as soon as YOU provide evidence that the preservational
biases againt juvenile tyrannosaurs were precisely identical in two
different depositional environments on two different continents which
already show evidence of other differences in preservation involving
tyrannosaurs.  Can you, George? >>

Dinogeorge wrote...
>"Precisely identical" is of course absurd. But since this is the null
>hypothesis, I >don't have< to justify it.

    Baloney!  What automatically makes "the frequency of Hell Creek and
Nemegt tyrannosaurs getting buried and fossilized in rivers sediments is the
same" the null hypothesis?!?  Are Nemegt and Hell Creek really near
identical environments with near identical preservation potential just
because they both have rivers?
    How does the fossilization potential of African and Indian rivers
compare?  How similar are Panthera leo and Panthera tigris in "presumed
bahavior"? Would the near identical frequency of African lions and Indian
tigers getting buried and fossilized in fluvial sediments automatically be a
null hypothesis?  How do we know so much about the behavior of different
species of tyrannosaurs and how frequently individuals got buried in fluvial
sediments to be setting up Just So Sto- I mean, "null hypotheses" about how
similar they were?
    And don't forget we aren't just talking about potential differences in
juvenile/adult ratios here!  Or do you really think Hell Creek tyrannosaurs
made up a small percentage of the total population of large dinosaurs but in
Nemegt they were more common then thier prey?  Do you deny that there is
probably some kind of difference in preservational bias there?

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