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Re: Tarbosaurus?

>The original morphological studies of tarbosaurs found >four< different
>species in >three< different genera, which were later lumped into one
>and still later unlumped into two species in two genera. I have yet to see
>any ontogenetic study of Asiatic tyrannosaurids, so I don't know where you
>got the idea that the smaller ones grade into the larger ones

     Both Rozhdestvensky (1965) and Carpenter (1992) concluded that
Tarbosaurus bataar is a single species with T. efremovi, Gorgosuaurs
lancinator, and Gorogsaurus novojilovi being ontogeneic variants.  Carr
(1999) also talks about Tarbosaurus ontogeny some, and mentions that he
disagrees with Ken Carpenter on Maleevosaurus being distinct and thinks it
is just another juvenile Tarbosaurus bataar.  Again, I'm mostly getting this
from Carr's paper citing the other authors, so perhaps Dr. Holtze will speak

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