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Re: Rio Limay fauna

Joshua Dyal wrote-

> I've been trying to get an overview of what all was around in the Rio
> Limay fauna.  I know, of course, Giganotosaurus and I know
> Rebbachisaurus, and that Argentinosaurus was also found there (although
> not necessarily along with the other two.)  What else has been found
> there?

  undescribed Neotheropoda (Coria, Cladera and Salgado 1996)
  "Ilokelesia aguadegrandensis"
  Giganotosaurus carolinii
  undescribed Carcharodontosaurid (Coria and Currie 1997)
  Rebbachisaurus tessonei
  Andesaurus delgadoi
  Argentinosaurus huinculensis
  unnamed Titanosaurid (Calvo 1999)
  undescribed possible Titanosaurid (Munoz 2000)
  undescribed Sauropod (Calvo 1999)
  Gasparinisaura cincosaltensis
  "Anabisetia saldiviai"
  undescribed Iguanodontid (Coria pers. comm. to Ford 1996)

Mickey Mortimer