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Re: Tarbosaurus?

In a message dated 7/22/00 6:00:28 AM EST, Adam.Yates@bristol.ac.uk writes:

<< I agree we don't know these things. But that is precisely my point, 
without knowing these things you can't use the size distribution of the 
preserved remains as positive taxonomic evidence. >>

But you can work around the biases. If you split the tarbosaurs into two 
genera, each genus acquires roughly the same preservation-to-age function as 
in Tyrannosaurus. Makes you wonder. It would be nice, however, if someone in 
Russia, Poland, or Mongolia would publish a table of all collected tarbosaur 
specimens that at least included sizes of individuals, so one wouldn't have 
to work from exhibition catalogues and grainy old photos. Something like the 
table of T. rex specimens that Peter Larson often includes with his articles.