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Re: Darren Tanke in NY Times?

I did a search of the NY Times Archives (back to 1996), and you were apparently mentioned in one article entitled "Pity A Tyrannosaur? Sue Had Gout", in the 22 May 1997 issue.
Hope that helps.
------Ken Kinman
From: "Darren Tanke" <dtanke@dns.magtech.ab.ca>
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Subject: Darren Tanke in NY Times?
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 11:19:00 -0600


 I have a mystery that perhaps you may help solve.

Recently, an unknown person came to the Tyrrell Museum looking for me. As I was away in the field and unavailable, they left a message. Unfortunately, part of the message was lost so I don't know who penned it. In the message, it alluded to having "Recently read about you in the New York Times".

The mystery is that I have never been interviewed by the New York Times, nor would I expect to be in the New York Times.

Has anyone on this list read about me in the New York Times within the past year? If so, please advise offline.

 Many thanks.

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