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Re: Tarbosaurus

In a message dated 7/22/00 2:13:48 PM EST, abcoulso@unity.ncsu.edu writes:

<< More juvenile remains could be preserved due to lower water velocities 
(=smaller elements not destroyed via transport), less activity of larger 
scavengers, different population dynamics (already suggested), niche 
partitioning between juvenile and adult individuals with juveniles in more 
favorable habitats (preservation-wise), or myriad other reasons. >>

Again, we all know about these, but how could you tell which, if any, were 
operating at any particular place and time to cause the observed 
>differences< between the collection differences between Mongolian and North 
American tyrannosaurid specimens? Sure, you can imagine a gazillion factors 
that might cause preservational biases, but if you can't constrain them, 
they're pretty much useless.