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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television
programming concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric
animals, and the scientific discussion of evolution,
from high art to low trash and (theoretically) back
again, all times Eastern (check local listings to

Tuesday, July 25

History Channel, 9:00am
The Real West
"Dinosaur Hunters of the Old West"
Cope and Marsh battle each other, creationists and
justifiably disgruntled locals in search of dinosaur

Saturday, July 29

American Movie Classics, 7:15am
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
I thought this was an English movie.  Anyway.  Another
cavepersons-and-dinosaurs movie.  Beach plesiosaur
barbecue.  Victoria Vetri.  

Sunday, July 30

Discovery Channel, 9:30am
Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld
Kid's show about paleontology.  This episode --
"Attack of the Sea Monsters."  Sea animals and
Discovery Channel, 11:00am
The Ultimate Guide
Video guide to snakes.  Apparently tackles the thorny
issue of snake evolution.

So, _Tarbosaurus_ anyone?


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