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RE: Tarbosaurus

>    Bringing back up a point that you've been dodging through this entire
>discussion, lets forget about juvenile specimens for a minute and just look
>at absolute numbers of tyrannosaurs in Hell Creek and Nemegt.  In Hell
>Creek, tyrannosaurs represent a relatively small percentage of dinosaurs,
Wrong. If you are using skeletons that are 20% or more complete. If your
using teeth and just a few bits of skeletons you'll find that T.rex is a
very abundant animal.
>>That tyrannosaur preservation in the Hell Creek and
>Nemegt formations should be identical! <<
Should be, but isn't. Besides, why just use the Hell Creek, what about the
Lance, Frenchman, Laramie, North Horn etc. The range that T. rex had is
greater than the Asia forms. The Asian forms are from Early Maastrichtian,
the NA is from Late Maastrichtian. Big differences in time, distribution,
deposition, etc.

T. Rex. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota,
Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Texas? (About 96-100 specimens, from literature.
I'm sure there's a whole lot more in museums)
                Tarbosaurus, Mongolia, eastern China (? I don't know for
sure) and a bit of Russia. (About 35 specimens, from literature. I'm sure
there are a lot more that hasn't been reported on)