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New ref & What I did on my summer "vacation"

First, the new reference:
Horner, J.R. 2000.  Dinosaur reproduction and parenting.  Annual Review of
Earth and Planetary Sciences 28: 19-45.

A MOST excellent review of the use of phylogenetic, fossil, and taphonomic
evidence of dinosaur nesting, growth, and behavior.  Highly recommended.  If
you have access to online papers in AREPS, it is on the following website:

And speaking of websites...
My time this summer has mostly been occupied with a field course in the
Galapagos.  No, we weren't trying to find the elusive late Cenozoic Pacific
tyrannosaurid, but we did set up (as our students' projects) an educational
website aimed at secondary school educators, students, and others interested
in Natural History.  You can check it out at:

Please report broken links and so forth to myself or to John Merck
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