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Re: definitions

> I'd appreciate it if anyone could help out with some brief definitions > of
the following terms:

> parasuchian

"Beside the suchia" synonymous with phytosauria (though has more of a ring to
it :)

> amphesbaenian


"To walk both ways" The "worm lizards" which are neither worms, nor lizards
and were named after a mythical serpent with a head on both ends and could
move in either direction. One look at _Amphisbaenia alba_ and one can
understand how they got such a name.

> actinopterygian

> pedogenic (geol def)

> synsacrum

To have a fused sacrum (e.g. pterosaurs)

> glenoid bone

If you mean glenoid cavity, that is the depression in the shoulder joint that
receives the humeral head.

> ornithuran
> neornithine

The new ornithines?

> carinate birds

Was all birds with a keeled/ridged sternum. Has since become a clade, in which
case, I am unsure of how well this feature holds up.

> re-curved (as it might apply to teeth)

To curve backwards towards the throat, thus allowing better grip, more
damaging wounds and easier swallowing.


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