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Re: Tarbosaurus?

In a message dated 7/24/00 4:12:51 PM EST, qilongia@yahoo.com writes:

<< Water speed has exactly the same effect on a young tarbosaur as it would 
on you if you slipped and fell into a Rocky Mountain or Great Plains river. 
Even a small one could kill you, and in the same breath, determine the fate 
of your bones 80 million years hence. >>

OK, let me illustrate why this particular scenario would be irrelevant to my 
point. Water speed might indeed have some influence on whether or not an 
animal such as a dinosaur would be killed and then fossilized. But in order 
to affect the >ratio of subadults to adults< in a particular locality, you 
would have to show somehow that (1) subadult tarbosaurs were clumsier than 
adult tarbosaurs in the Nemegt environment, which would lead to more of them 
being killed and fossilized, and at the same time you would have to show 
somehow that (2) adult tyrannosaurs were clumsier than subadult tyrannosaurs, 
which would lead to more adults than subadults in the Hell Creek. Since there 
is absolutely no way to get a handle on the relative awkwardness of 
tyrannosaurids, and every reason to expect that the relative awkwardness of 
tyrannosaurids remains pretty constant across the species and genera, it is 
useless to consider the speed of the water when discussing the ratio of 
subadults to adults in either locality. Is the point I've been trying to make 
finally emerging?