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RE: Armored Dinosaur Update

Got this from Ken. Thought you'd like to know what will be in the book.
To all contributors:

I am pleased to inform you that your manuscripts have been collated and
edited into the manuscript The Armored Dinosaurs. This manuscript, along
with all the illustrations, have been sent to Indiana University Press. The
book is about 3 months behind schedule owing to some unforseen problems
(typical for any book), but especially with several authors moving this

So where do we go from here? During the next few months the manuscriptt will
be copy edited (typos, grammar, etc. checked), the book pages will be layout
(text and figures), and the proofs reviewed by me. Sometime early next year
the book will be ready to be qued for printing.  By this time next year the
book should appear. It will be available for purchase at the SVP meeting in
Bozeman. All authors should get their copies late summer-early fall of next
year. Thank you all for your hard work. I hope that you will be pleased with
the volume.

Citation for the volume will be: Carpenter, K. (ed.), The Armored Dinosaurs.
Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana.

Table of Contents

Forward -  Walter P. Coombs, Jr.: an Affectionate Perspective. Margery
Chalifoux Coombs.

Part I. Thyreophorans
Chapter 1. Scelidosaurus, the Earliest Complete Dinosaur. David B. Norman.
Chapter 2. Tooth Wear and Possible Jaw Action of Scelidosaurus harrisonii
Owen and a Review of Feeding Mechanisms in Other Thyreophoran Dinosaurs.
Paul M. Barrett.

Part II. Stegosauria
Chapter 3.  New Primitive Stegosaur From The Morrison Formation, Wyoming.
Kenneth Carpenter, Clifford A. Miles, and Karen Cloward
Chapter 4. Othniel Charles Marsh and the Myth of the Eight-spiked
Stegosaurus. Kenneth Carpenter and Peter M. Galton.
Chapter 5. Endocranial Casts of the Plated Dinosaur Stegosaurus (Upper
Jurassic, Western  Usa): a Complete Undistorted Cast and the Original Ones
of Othniel Charles Marsh. Peter M. Galton.
Chapter 6. Possible Stegosaur Dermal Armor from the Lower Cretaceous of
Southern England. William T. Blows.
Chapter 7. Post-traumatic Chronic Osteomyelitis in Stegosaurus Dermal
Spikes. Lorrie A. McWhinney, Bruce M. Rothschild and Kenneth Carpenter.

Part III. Ankylosauria
Chapter 8. South American Ankylosaurs. Rodolfo A.Coria and Leonardo Salgado.
Chapter 9. Skull of the Polacanthid Ankylosaur Hylaeosaurus armatus Mantell
1833 From the Lower Cretaceous of England. Kenneth Carpenter.
Chapter 10. Reappraisal of the Nodosaurid Ankylosaur Struthiosaurus
austriacus Bunzel from the Upper Cretaceous Gosau Beds of Austria . Xabier
Pereda Suberbiola and Peter M. Galton.
Chapter 11.  Disarticulated Skull of a New Primitive Ankylosaurid From the
Lower Cretaceous of Eastern Utah. Kenneth Carpenter, James I. Kirkland, Don
Burge and John Bird.
Chapter 12. Carlsbad Ankylosaur (Ornithischia, Ankylosauria): An
Ankylosaurid And Not a Nodosaurid. Tracy L. Ford and James I. Kirkland.
Chapter 13. Variation in Specimens Referred to Euoplocephalus tutus. Paul
Chapter 14. Evidence of Complex Jaw Movement in the Late Cretaceous
Ankylosaurid, Euoplocephalus tutus (Dinosauria: Thyreophora). N. Rybczynski
and  M.K. Vickaryous.
Chapter 15. Cranial Ornamentation of Ankylosaurs (Ornithischia:
Thyreophora): Re-appraisal of  Developmental Hypotheses. M.K. Vickaryous,
A.P. Russell, and P.J Currie.
Chapter 16. Armor of the Small Ankylosaur, Minmi. Ralph E. Molnar.
Chapter 17. Dermal Armor of the Polacanthine Dinosaurs. William T. Blows.
Chapter 18. Mounted Skeleton of the Polacanthine Ankylosaur Gastonia burgei.
Robert W. Gaston, Jennifer Schellenbach, and James I. Kirkland.
Chapter 19. An Ankylosaurian Cololite from the Lower Cretaceous of
Queensland, Australia. Ralph E. Molnar & H. Trevor Clifford.
Chapter 20. Global Distribution of Purported Ankylosaur Track Occurrences.
Richard T. McCrea, Martin G. Lockley, and Christian A. Meyer.
Chapter 21. Phylogenetic Analysis of the Ankylosauria. Kenneth Carpenter.