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RE: Tarbosaurus?

As for work in Montana: In the Two Medicine formation, any therapod remains
are scarce, but there are some. For a weeks worth of exploring, between 5-7
albertasaur teeth will show up. Occasionaly, we found a troodon tooth, and
once a vert. However, across the state, in the Judith River formation, at
the MOR JDM quarry, there was a number of small tyranosaurid teeth present
at one outcropping. However, we never found anything from any smaller
carnivorous dinosaurs. Does this mean that they weren't there? And why are
there few or no skeletal remains of tyranosaurids from the Two Medicine?
What behavioral factors would cause scores of hadrosaurs to die off, but not
one albertasaur.

Fossilization IS selective. Only the lucky few are fossilized. Due to a
plethora of things. I've been up to Dinosaur Provincial Park several times
and Darren Tanke has taken me on surface collecting trips and he's told me
that he could go a month without finding a gorgosaur tooth. Then go over the
SAME area and find several.
A young tyrannosaur may have lived differently than an adult, in a different
area. Tarbosaurs and Tyrannosaurs may have had different social behaviors,
etc, or the same and one area reflects what the other area doesn't.
It's all selective and the way this thread has gone makes me wonder why I'm