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Re: Tarbosaurus?

>Put them both together for a more reasonable picture of Allosaurus
>distribution during the Late Jurassic of western North America. Then add in
>all the other localities in the Morrison, whether they have Allosaurus or
>not. At the risk of reopening a discussion that I promised to end: I was
>looking at the >entire< Nemegt and the >entire< Hell Creek/Lance/Scollard
>complex. Of course taphonomic effects will dominate at any >one< locality
>(like, for example a bone bed); but these effects >even out< when spread
>the whole facies. Taphonomic effects are why we have >any< fossilized
>dinosaurs at all! Thought this was too obvious a point to mention.

    "Obvious to a six year old child" I suppose.  This is another incredibly
broad and unsupported statement.  It also doesn't change the fact that
different localities with similar facies can have vastly different
population sampling, a point you've denied in the past.  Now you are trying
to cover it up by explaining it with another unsupported assumption.  You
are starting with the assumption that overall populations are getting
sampled evenly, but presenting no evidence for it.  This sounds like a
circular argument in the making: "variance between localities evens out
because overall sampling is constant because variance between localities
tends to even out."
    I've presented evidence that similar facies can sample populations in
very different ways.  You've tried to cover it up by saying, "well,
it...must even out then".  Do you have any evidence to support YOUR claim?
Lets say you have two formations with similar facies similar faunas.  If you
can have isolated situations in which a population is sampled very unevenly,
how do you know that more of those types of situiations haven't occured in
formation then the other?
    (We can talk about population sampling and other taphonimic questions
bringing up nemegt and Hell Creek if you like).

LN Jeff

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