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Re: Kritosaurus?

In a message dated 7/26/00 1:01:55 PM EST, David.Krentz@disney.com writes:

<< >  Has there been any recent conclusions as to the relationship of 
Kritosaurus and Gryposaurus?  Are they indeed different species or are they 
the same thing?  Sorry I can't be more specific about this, but I've left all 
my reference at home, and it was hard enough trying to follow the logic 
without memorizing it! >>

Kritosaurus is a nomen dubium because the type specimen of the type species 
K. navajovius (posterior portion of skull) is too poorly preserved to 
distinguish the genus from Hadrosaurus, Gryposaurus, Anasazisaurus, and 
Naashoibitosaurus. Barring complications, use the name Gryposaurus for the 
familiar big-nosed hadrosaur species of the northwestern US, and 
Anasazisaurus or Naashoibitosaurus for the big-nosed hadrosaur species of the 
southwestern US.