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Holyoke, Mass. Footprints

Hey gang,
I'll be leaving for my East Coast trip in about 24 hours, and just came across 
some interesting information on a new dinosaur tracksite discovery in Holyoke, 

Apparently these tracks were discovered by a man fishing in his backyard, which 
was directly across from the Holyoke Community College (which displays a nice 
collection, I am told).

Does anyone know of these tracks??  Have they been scientifically described 
yet?  I hate to bring this up, but there was a mention of them possibly being 
sold to pay some bills at Holyoke Community College and for the landowner.  
Does anyone know if this possibly happened?

And, I have also read about a track site discovery (Coelophysis, et al.) during 
the construction of Rt. 91.  This site is apparently located near the Mt. Toms 
Ski Resort, near Holyoke, just off of Connecticut Route 5.  Does anyone know if 
this track site still exists?  

The article I read was from the mid 80's, and the author said that the tracks 
were going to remain in the rock and not be excavated.  But, a lot can change 
in 15 years :-)  

In short, anyone with knowledge of the Holyoke area, could you please respond 
to me and give me any further information.  I would love to visit the city, and 
photograph the footprints for my upcoming paper on the paleontology of New 
England and Quebec.

Thanks again!

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