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RE: Refs on Santanaraptor and Nedcolbertia

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> Alessandro Marisa
> Hy to all the list-members
> could someone tell me the exact references and where I can order the
> description of Santanaraptor and Nedcolbertia?

Can't tell you off hand where to order them, but the refs are:

Kirkland, J. I., Britt, B. B., Whittle, C. H., Madsen, S. K., and Burge, D.
L.  1998.  A small coelurosaurian theropod from the Yellow Cat Member of the
Cedar Mountain Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Barremian) of eastern Utah.  In:
Lucas, S. G., Kirkland, J. I., and Estep, J. W. (eds) Lower and Middle
Cretaceous Terrestrial Ecosystems.  Bull. New Mexico Mus. Nat. Hist. Sci.
14: 239-248.

[_Santanaraptor_: the Kellner 1999 ref. is where it is named:]
Kellner, A. W. A.  1996.  Fossilized theropod soft-tissue.  Nature 379: 32.
Kellner, A. W. A.  1999.  Short note on a new dinosaur (Theropoda,
Coelurosauria) from the Santana Formation (Romualdo Member, Albian),
northeastern Brazil.  Bol. Mus. Nac., N.S., Geol. 49: 1-8.
Kellner, A. W. A., and Campos, D. A.  1998.  Archosaur soft tissue from the
Cretaceous of the Araripe Basin, northeastern Brazil.  Bol. Mus. Nac., N.S.,
Geol. 42: 1-22.

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