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RE: Tarbosaurus?

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> I have to run, but I believe he published his data in his paper in the
> volume "A Cold Look at the Warm Blooded Dinosaurs," as well as in
> a paper in
> the '70s in the journal "Evolution."  I'll grab them and post the titles
> later if no one else does.

The data are PLOTTED in these papers (and in the classic 1975 Scientific
American article "Dinosaur Renaissance": you know, the issue with
_Longisquama_ on the cover) and the PROCESSED data show up in the Cold
Blooded Look paper.  However, it is the raw data which haven't been
published, which is not yet available, but which is in a manuscript form
(mentioned and replotted by Farlow in the chapter on energetics and thermal
biology in the Dinosauria).

Refs in question are:
Bakker, R.T. 1971.  Dinosaur physiology and the origin of mammals.
Evolution 25: 636-658.
_____. 1972. Anatomical and ecological evidence of endothermy in dinosaurs.
Nature 238: 81-85.
_____. 1975. Dinosaur renaissance.  Scientific American. 232(4): 58-78.
_____. 1975. Experimental and fossil evidence for the evolution of tetrapod
bioenergetics.  pp. 365-399 in D.M. Gates & R.B. Schmerl (eds.) Perspectives
of biophysical ecology. Springer-Verlag, New York.
_____. 1980. Dinosaur heresy - dinosaur renaissance: why we need endothermic
archosaurs for a compreshnsive theory of bioenergetic evolution. pp. 351-462
in R.D.K. Thomas & E.C. Olson (eds.) A Cold Look at the Warm-Blooded
Dinosaurs. AAAS Selected Symposium 28.

Hope this helps.

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