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scholarship help.

Sirs and madams,

    Hi, I intend on entering the Intel Science Talent Search scholarship
contest, and to do so I must write a scientific paper, and, guess what field
of science I'm choosing. I have too obsticales, though. The first is sources,
and the other is topics. Now, my main interest revolves around Dromaeosaurs,
and my current idea is to do a paper on the possible packing behaviors of
them. However, this does not seem to be the best topic, and, as I prefer to
keep my options open, would like some other ideas, not necessarily about
Dromaeosaurs, but it is prefered. Also, I would like to know some sources
where I can do some research (ie, good books, papers, magazine articles, etc.)
Any help would be not only necessary, but extrememly appreciated. Thank you
for your time and future effort.

                                              Thank you again,

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