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Re: scholarship help.


you might start at the dinosaur list's own "so you want to be a
paleontologist" FAQ


-Betty Cunningham

Caleb wrote:
> Sirs and madams,
>     Hi, I intend on entering the Intel Science Talent Search scholarship
> contest, and to do so I must write a scientific paper, and, guess what field
> of science I'm choosing. I have too obsticales, though. The first is sources,
> and the other is topics. Now, my main interest revolves around Dromaeosaurs,
> and my current idea is to do a paper on the possible packing behaviors of
> them. However, this does not seem to be the best topic, and, as I prefer to
> keep my options open, would like some other ideas, not necessarily about
> Dromaeosaurs, but it is prefered. Also, I would like to know some sources
> where I can do some research (ie, good books, papers, magazine articles, etc.)
> Any help would be not only necessary, but extrememly appreciated. Thank you
> for your time and future effort.
>                                               Thank you again,
>                                               Caleb
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