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RE: "Compelling" Paleocene dinosaurs

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> John Bois
> Wondered if anyone had seen this?
> Fassett, J. E., S. G. Lucas, R. A. Zeilenski, and J. R. Budahn. 2000.
> Compelling new evidence for Paleocene dinosaurs in the Ojo Alamo
> Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, USA. Pp. 45-46 In
> Catastrophic events and mass extinctions, Lunar and Planetary
> Contribution No 1053. Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!!  This short paper can be seen by
all at:

Indeed, the whole volume is at:

It is an interactive .pdf file: click on the name of the session and you get
a list of talks; click on the name of the talk and you get the short paper.

In brief, Fassett et al. have found an isolated hadrosaurid femur in the Ojo
Alamo Sandstone, stratigraphically above Paleocene pollen.  The suggest that
the femur is not reworked do to pristine outer surface.

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