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Re: Kritosaurus?

At 02:22 AM 7/27/00 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 7/26/00 8:20:15 PM EST, ornstn@home.com writes:
><< Which is the one on display in the Royal Ontario Museum, which was 
> "Kritosaurus" in my day? >>
>This >might< be ROM 764, the holotype of "Gryposaurus" incurvimanus, 
>described by Parks in 1920. Would have to dig out my Lull & Wright to be 
The sign says Kritosaurus incurvimanus and there are no quotation marks.  I
was confused, however, by the fact that a cast of this specimen is on
display at the Tyrrell as Gryposaurus notibilis and there is another
specimen there (not nearly as complete) labelled Kritosaurus incurvimanus.
How can the type specimen be a junior synonym, yet there is another specimen?

Beautiful plumage (nice skin impressions).

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