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Re: Santanaraptor

--- Mark Perew <perew@table.jps.net> wrote:

> Ananova is reporting that Alexander Kellner of
> Federal University of Rio de
> Janerio has re-assembled a mini-tyrant named
> Santanaraptor.  If my Spanish
> is right, that translates to "devil bird".

That would be pajaro del diablo, or something like
that.  I think you may be thinking of Satan, not
Santana.  This dinosaur's name translates into
"Santana raider."

I understood that _Santanaraptor_ is from the very end
of the Early Cretaceous, and was somewhere in
Coelurosauria, not necessarily that it was a
tyrannosaurid, the impression I got from the article. 

Unless they've discovered something new from the specimen?


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