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Re: *** Scientists unveil dinosaur skeleton

I've read this notice in Brazilian newspapers. So, the information that "the
dinosaur was an ancestor of Tyrannosaurus", was clearly a mistake of the
newspaper. The paleontologist probably said that it is a theropod, like
Tyrannosaurus, and the reporters distorted the information. These errors are
unfortunately common.
The dinosaur is _Santanaraptor placidus_.
Joao SL
Rio de Janeiro
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Subject: *** Scientists unveil dinosaur skeleton

> RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - Scientists on Thursday unveiled the
> reconstructed skeleton of a sheep dog-sized dinosaur they said was an
> ancestor of the Tyrannosaurus rex. Alexander Kellner, a professor at
> Federal University of Rio de Janeiro who led the team that found the
> Santanaraptor in Brazil, said the discovery was important, both
> because of how well it was preserved and the clues it provided about
> the origins of Tyrannosaurus rex. "The material is perfect, it's as
> if it was buried yesterday," Kellner said. Kellner's team uncovered
> the bones in 1991 during a dig in southern Ceara state, 1,200 miles
> northeast of Rio de Janeiro, but it was only recently that the team
> confirmed it as the only specimen of an extinct species belonging to
> a group that evolved into the Tyrannosaurus rex. See
> http://www.infobeat.com/stories/cgi/story.cgi?id=2568467134-31d