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Re: Santanaraptor

Santanaraptor means Raptor from Santana (Santana do Araripe, place in Ceara,
Northeastern Brazil). Santana is a contracted form of Santa Ana, meaning
literally "Saint Ann".
What do you mean with "my Spanish"? We don't speak Spanish in Brazil...
devil bird would be Pajaro Diablo in Spanish; Passaro Diabo(or Ave Diabo) in

Joao SL
Rio de Janeiro
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Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 5:01 AM
Subject: Santanaraptor

> Ananova is reporting that Alexander Kellner of Federal University of Rio
> Janerio has re-assembled a mini-tyrant named Santanaraptor.  If my Spanish
> is right, that translates to "devil bird".
> The specimen is said to represent an animal just over two meters tall and
> weighing in at 30 kilos.
> The full story is at
> Would anyone more conversant with this field care to comment?
> Thank you.
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> Mark Perew
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