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Re: Santanaraptor

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, [iso-8859-1] João Simões Lopes Filho wrote:

> Santanaraptor means Raptor from Santana (Santana do Araripe, place in Ceara,
> Northeastern Brazil). Santana is a contracted form of Santa Ana, meaning
> literally "Saint Ann".
> What do you mean with "my Spanish"? We don't speak Spanish in Brazil...
> devil bird would be Pajaro Diablo in Spanish; Passaro Diabo(or Ave Diabo) in
> Portuguese.

Mea culpa!  That's what I get for making an email post at that hour.  I
should have known better than to attribute Spanish to a Brazilian fossil.

As for the meaning of Santana, perhaps it's local slang or an idiom imported
from the original country of the Spanish speakers where I live.  I'll have
to dig into that one.

Mark Perew
Yesterday I could not spell gernulest.  Today I are one.