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Re: Kritosaurus?

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:
> Jon Wagner wrote:
> <<...and call it Kritosaurus navajovius, a very old
> and well-established name with a long history and much
>  coverage in the literature.>
> and Dinogeorge wrote:
> <Go argue the point with Spencer Lucas; he'll give you
> something to chew on. He's one of the authors of the
> Anasazisaurus/Naashoibitosaurus paper, and it is
> essentially their argument that I presented.>
>   Based largely on variation of the nasal bones
> relative to the rest of the skull, in both taxa. But
> as I recall similar arguments (variation in shape and
> form of the frontals and nasals) were made for
> *Corythosaurus* and *Lambeosaurus,* resulting in an
> enormity of specific (and in a few cases, generic)
> identities for specimens. *N. ostromI* does appear to
> have a narrow occiput in dorsal aspect, with
> squamosals flaring laterally, and *A. horneri* with
> _very_ large supraorbital fenestrae, but quantifying
> these (and I suspect a few others) would be a task for
> disproving Hunt and Lucas' hypothesis of multiple
> gryposaur genera.
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  Sigh... I guess I'll just have to call my sculpture "gryposaur".
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