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Re: Kritosaurus?

In a message dated 7/28/00 1:49:02 PM EST, znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

<< George wrote:
 >Some people think the species "Gryposaurus" 
 >incurvimanus belongs to a distinct hadrosaur genus,
         Some people appear to be of the opinion that genera are like
 recta... every species has one. :)
 >as yet undescribed.
         Who does? This is very much news to me! On what basis was this
 suggestion made? >>

There seems to be a lot to this discussion of which you are unaware. In this 
case, the idea that "Kritosaurus" incurvimanus represents a new genus is 
promoted in the Hadrosauridae chapter of The Dinosauria (Weishampel, Dodson & 
Osmolska, eds.; both editions). Weishampel and Horner (authors of the 
chapter) refer to the species as "Kritosaurus" incurvimanus (generic name in 
quotes) and list it as "unnamed gryposaur" in their table of hadrosaur genera 
and species. Likewise a specimen Horner referred to "Hadrosaurus" notabilis, 
listed as another species of "unnamed gryposaur." And so on. Note that Horner 
is a coauthor of this chapter. Suggest you spend some time reading the 
hadrosaur literature (which is extensive) instead of publicly sniping at me.