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Re: Diplodocid duck-and-cover techniques

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Patrick Norton wrote:
> >My theory is that the diplodocid may have bent its head downward so that it
> was looking backwards through its legs, upside down.<
> Or if the neck allowed the head to turn 180 degrees to face the rear in any
> manner; side to side, up and over the back or down between the legs.
> Regardless, you are absolutely right--the tail would have little value as a
> defense mechanism if it weren't in some way guided by the eyes. Very cool
> observation.

A tail that massive wouldn't necessarily need direction. I've seen
horses blindly kick at whatever's behind them, and I've seen them
look too.

How much would they have to turn their head to look behind themselves?
How were the eyes situated? Good enough for stereoscopic vision? Could
they turn their head enough and just look with one eye?