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Re: Santanaraptor

Rapture, rape, rapid, raptor and raven (<French raviner < Latin rapinare),
from same Latin verb rapere "to seize, snatch, take by force"
Raptor "seizer" also turned to mean "bird of prey".
Joao SL
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> "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:
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> > "Raptor" doesn't mean "bird"; it is also (despite what some people
think) not the formal name of the living birds of prey.  It is the Latin
word for "theif, plunderer, snatcher, grabber, rapist, beseiger, etc."
> Or more literally "to sieze and carry off". Hence the painting "the rape
of the Sabines", which shows a couple of guys slinging a pair of women over
their horses. The word rape originally meant to abduct someone, and is no
doubt derived from a similar word as "raptor". I wonder if the word
"rapture" is of similar origin (since it involves being carried somewhere).
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