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Re: Kritosaurus?

In a message dated 7/28/00 8:25:53 PM EST, znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

<< George wrote:
 >Weishampel and Horner (authors of the 
 >chapter) refer to the species as "Kritosaurus" incurvimanus (generic name 
 >quotes) and list it as "unnamed gryposaur" in their table of hadrosaur 
 >and species.
         Really, an entry in a taxon list? This hardly qualifies as a
 taxonomic statement of any importance, let alone a "discussion." >>

You asked for where the assignment had been made; I proffer no opinion about 
the validity or importance of the authors' arguments. I also don't think 
>you're< in any way qualified to judge the "importance" of a paleontological 
paper or a taxonomic statement. Horner and Weishampel have each >forgotten< 
more about hadrosaurids than you've so far shown evidence of knowing. But 
keep plugging away; maybe 25 years from now, you'll find yourself in a 
situation similar to theirs. Stranger things have happened.