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Re: Diplodocid duck-and-cover techniques (?)

>Perhaps someone can suggest a more useful extant analog.<

I think it was Richard Travsky who first introduced the horse into this
discussion. I don't think the horse is "useful" analog at all.

My feeling, as I've stated before on this issue of the range of motion of
sauropod necks, is that any limitation of the sauropod neck more restrictive
than that known to occur in other long necked species must be explained in
adaptive terms. The question is not "how could sauropods have survived with
limited range of neck motion" but "what >advantage< did that adaption offer
them".  I've not heard any suggestion as to the benefits of such limitations
in sauropods, particularly in light of Dann's observation of the importance
of being able to see what's behind you as well as what's in front of you.