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Re: "raptor"

At 21.48 28/07/00 EDT, you wrote:
>raptum, n., neut. "plunder, booty"
>rapax, adj. "grasping, rapacious; prone to grasp; greedy" (>Eng. rapacious)
>rapidus, -a, -um, adj. "snatching, seizing; consuming; impetuous, rapid" 
>(>Eng.      rapid)
>rapina, n., fem. "robbery, plundering; prey, booty" (>Eng. ravenous)
>raptim, adv. "hastily, hurriedly"
>raptio, n., fem. "seizing, abduction"
>rapto, v., 1st pers. sg. "I carry away, hurry away, drag along; I rob, 
>raptor, n., masc. "robber, plunderer; abductor" (>Eng. raptor)
>raptus, n., masc. "abduction, rape; rending, tearing off; plunder"

And rapator (for Rapator ornitholestoides)?

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