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Re: Shiva crater

M Murphy wrote:

>In "The Rise of Birds", Chatterjee speaks of the discovery of the Shiva
crater, off the coast of India and dated to the KT boundary.  But I have
heard of it from no other source.  Is it considered a legitimate
>impact structure?

Yes; Chatterjee mentioned it in his presentation during the 30th IGC in
Beijing last August 1996. I watched it and the interpretation is that it is
either: 1) the antipodal crater caused by refraction and refocusing of
seismic waves from the Chicxulub impact; or 2) the bolide split into two
big pieces which struck the Earth several hours apart from one another.
According to the paleogeography, Shiva should be directly antipodal to
Chicxulub. I think recent satellite or bathymetric maps should depict it.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau