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help! Merciful (but polite) cries for help!!!!

Sirs and Madams:

    I do apologize for this message, but, it must be asked.
    I have searched, scowered, the Internet, looking for places from which I
might obtain paleontological papers pertinent to the paper I must write for a
scholarship (the Intel Science Talent Search), all futilly. I have gone to the
website of the AMNH and have seen what they have, but they only have one paper
relevent to the subject of the paper I intend to write. So, I will ask in all
politeness, where can I obtain papers? The university and our excuse for
libraries do not contain papers, so I need to obtain them from other places.
Also, I was curious, might I just ask the people who wrote the papers to
provide me with copies? Thank you for your time, and I do apologize for this

                                         Thank you again,
                                         Caleb Lewis  

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