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Re: Shiva crater

On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Raymond Ancog wrote:

> According to the paleogeography, Shiva should be directly antipodal to
> Chicxulub. I think recent satellite or bathymetric maps should depict it.

I don't quite follow this.  All the impacts should be in roughly the same
lattitude and wouldn't necessarily be 180 degrees around the globe, either.

Take a look at the work done by Bill Bottke, formerly of Cornell.

BTW, Bottke is has just joined the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder,

The examples all show chains of impact craters.  SL-9 was a bit odd because
the spacing coincedentally made the impacts occur about once per Jovian day,
but they were all in about the same lattitude and not antipodal.

Mark Perew
Yesterday I could not spell gernulest.  Today I are one.