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Re: Triceratops was a giant horned turkey

Dunno.  But this is a link to fully sequenced
mitochondrial DNA from a number of organisms:


Questions I have are:

Likelihood of 150 bp being coincidentally repeated in
mitochondria?  (Out of sequences typically 16-20
thousand bp long.)

How can you tell it's mitochondrial DNA from (only?)
150 bp?

What was the extraction process?  How did they protect
against the contingency of DNA contamination (modern
DNA or otherwise)?

What animals these were tested against (the article
only mentions 28 species), and why they were selected
()what makes them special?  Why not more than 28?

How repeatable is it?

Assuming 150 bp is enough to convince, why wouldn't
65+ million years generate at least a few differences
in mitochondrial sequences?

And, how many _other_ experiments have been conducted
like this in the past with mitochondrial DNA extinct
animals being used as a basis for determining

--- Larry Dunn <majestic_cheese@yahoo.com> wrote:
> This kinda interesting story was linked to a webpage
> Tom Holtz recently referred to on this list: 
> It's about a comparison of Triceratops DNA to that
> of
> living animals.  Apparently it's a dead match for a
> turkey.
> How accurate is this kind of DNA analysis of
> long-dead animals?
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