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The selling of Dinosaur fossils

I just got back from a family vacation in Colorado (Estes Park to be more
precise) and enjoyed fossil hunting in the Morrison and Dakota Fms.
nearby.  Although I did not find anything within my short vacation, I did
run across a number of Dinosaur fossils being sold at three "rock shops"
within Estes Park.  The fossils of course were only identified as
"dinosaur bone", with no other information attached.
Price of course was based mostly on size and recognizable shape.

At one place there was the centra of what looked like an ankylosaur from
the Late Jurassic, Morrison Fm. mixed in a bin full of sauropod femur and
rib bits.

Lots of "Morroccan spinosaurus teeth" and dinosaur corpolites.
Surprisingly no gastroliths to be found.

I wish that independant collectors of fossils would bring their finds to
the attention of professionals with as much site information as possible.
Better yet, just leave the material where it was discovered until it can
be looked at properly.

"Removing fossils is like tearing a page out the History Book of the
Earth's Past".

Just a road tired vacationer venting.
John Schneiderman