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Re: Triceratops was a giant horned turkey JOKE :) [And, hopefully a purely FICTIONAL one]

Scott Hartman commented:

    "Well, unless they are letting poultry run amuck in the lab, then we can
probably rule out contamination..."

    A skeptic's dream: From a deep, dark corner of the lab, months after the
startling discovery, "Dare I ever ADMIT I'd had a turkey sandwitch for
lunch?"  :)  [Cautionary note:  I seem to recall the researchers disclaim
such a possibility.]

    Personally, however, unless I see credible replication of the
'turkey-triceratops' dna results under highly controlled conditions, I will
personally consider the initial results as possible GOBBLEdygook! [A term
coined as a U.S. Representative by Maury Maverick (1895 - ?) of Texas, after
the gobbling of a turkey.]

    But then, I'm no expert, even though from Texas.  :)

    Ray Stanford

    Huuummm...Did Disney 'miss the boat'?  A Triceratops GOBBLING!  (Any
less credible than those out-of-their-time jabbering lemurs?)

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