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Re: help! Merciful (but polite) cries for help!!!!

        Last time you posted your query to the list, you indicated that
your proposed topic was pack hunting in dromaeosaurids, or something like
that.  Has it occurred to you that your lack of success in finding
peer-reviewed references on the topic indicates that few (if any) such
references exist?  The only one I'm aware of is Maxwell and Ostrom (Jour.
Vert. Paleontol. 1995), and even they are tentative about it.

        You might want to consider asking yourself the kinds of evidence a
paleontologist would look for to support (or refute) pack hunting (or any
other kind of hunting) in a dromaeosaurid (or any other carnivorous
vertebrate).  How much of this might show up in the fossil record?  How
much of this would be unambiguous evidence of pack hunting, as opposed to
circumstantial evidence that could have multiple interpretations (death
assemblage, for example)?

        I agree that pack hunting is an interesting concept.  But since you
seem to be striking out on the reference front, perhaps you should consider
asking a different set of questions for your proposal.  Remember to include
"is it falsifiable?" in it.


>Sirs and Madams:
>    I do apologize for this message, but, it must be asked.
>    I have searched, scowered, the Internet, looking for places from which I
>might obtain paleontological papers pertinent to the paper I must write for a
>scholarship (the Intel Science Talent Search), all futilly. I have gone to the
>website of the AMNH and have seen what they have, but they only have one paper
>relevent to the subject of the paper I intend to write. So, I will ask in all
>politeness, where can I obtain papers? The university and our excuse for
>libraries do not contain papers, so I need to obtain them from other places.
>Also, I was curious, might I just ask the people who wrote the papers to
>provide me with copies? Thank you for your time, and I do apologize for this
>                                         Thank you again,
>                                         Caleb Lewis
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