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Re: Diplodocid duck-and-cover techniques

an older but topical PALEONEWS item, an elephant (or elephants?) having
gored a rhino to death in the wild:
Subject:  (not quite) PALEONEWS: elephant kills rhino in the wild
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 10:50:00 -0800


pictorial evidence of an elephant having killed a white rhino - Umfolozi
National Park - KwaZulu Natal - South Africa (apparently the elephant
was bored)

Dann Pigdon wrote:
> Nathan Myhrvold wrote:
> > Finally, it is not clear why adults would need any defense mechanism other
> > than their size and the use of their legs (including the forelimbs that had
> > a large thumspike).  What defense mechanism do elephants have?  None other
> > than bulk, but it works for them.
> There's a little something called "the tusk". Have you seen the footage
> of a circus elephant attacking humans in the US? Although it had been
> de-tusked, it still knelt down and rammed its lower head into the prone
> person. If it had still had its tusks, the person would have been
> skewered (they died anyway). Plus, I believe more recently a British
> tourist was killed by a performing elephant somewhere in Asia, dying of
> massive tusk-inflicted infuries.

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