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Re: help! Merciful (but polite) cries for help!!!!

Some authors will send you copies of their papers, others will not. But it doesn't hurt to try, especially if you can't get a particular paper from this next source, namely:
Another possibility is getting copies through the Interlibrary Loan Office of your university library. Some will charge, while others will provide free copies if the papers aren't too long. Again, check into it, and then you will have a better idea what sources work best for you.
And once you find that certain scientists are working in the area you are interested in, check out their websites by going to the website of their museum or university department. Most of these will have a search function, you can type in their name, and some web sites even give lists of scientist's published papers.
-------Ken Kinman
From: Caleb <terminator2029@usa.net>
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To: Dino List <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: help! Merciful (but polite) cries for help!!!!
Date: 29 Jul 00 19:23:41 MDT

Sirs and Madams:

I do apologize for this message, but, it must be asked.
I have searched, scowered, the Internet, looking for places from which I
might obtain paleontological papers pertinent to the paper I must write for a
scholarship (the Intel Science Talent Search), all futilly. I have gone to the
website of the AMNH and have seen what they have, but they only have one paper
relevent to the subject of the paper I intend to write. So, I will ask in all
politeness, where can I obtain papers? The university and our excuse for
libraries do not contain papers, so I need to obtain them from other places.
Also, I was curious, might I just ask the people who wrote the papers to
provide me with copies? Thank you for your time, and I do apologize for this

Thank you again, Caleb Lewis

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