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RE: Western U.S.

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> Subject: Western U.S.
> >I know this is kind of off topic, but, Ii figured that this group is
> >probably a good group to ask about this. The question is this;
> >Where can i find some I find some literature about the geologic
> history of
> >the western United States. I have a paper by S.J. Reynolds and
> J.P. Jenney
> >about the geologic setting of Arizona. I'm giving a brief talk
> about this in
> >a few weeks, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
> >Peace,
> >Rob
> >Student of Geology
> >Northern Arizona University
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Almost any Historical Geology textbook written in North America will have a
lot of information on the history of the west, from the Precambrian Basement
up to the Quaternary Alluvium.  If all you are after is a basic level
description, check out the Historical Geology textbook that NAU's Geology
Deparment uses, as well as others in the library.

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