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Re: Air sacs in extant non-avian reptiles?

In a message dated 7/31/00 8:08:02 AM, overmind@iobox.fi writes:

 Dear all

I have read that ait sacs extending from the lungs are present in some 
extant, non-avian reptiles. I'd be interested to know the names of these 
reptiles. Also, if someone has tried to explain the function of these 
structures in these dead-end lungs, please tell me.

Best wishes,

Henri Rönkkö >>

Here we go again. There is no such thing as an avian reptile, so the term 
non-avian reptile is redundant like "non-photosynthisizing frog." I know that 
a tiny group of paelentoligists want to exert their power by destroying the 
class status of Aves by the power of pure fiat, but it's not going to work.

eric l.