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Re: Air sacs in extant non-avian reptiles?

In a message dated 7/31/00 9:28:50 AM, tholtz@geol.umd.edu writes:

<< Please ignore the outburst of Eric Lurio, quoted below.  He seems to be 

emotionally attached to a number of out-moded concepts.

In point of fact, the majority of evolutionary biologists working on

vertebrate relationships today (paleontologist and neontologist alike) agree

that the evidence for the dinosaurian origin of birds is vastly stronger

than the alternatives.  A small group of physiologists and a couple of

paleontologists reject this idea quite loudly, although not very

effectively.  Lurio seems to have accpeted their arguments hook, line, and

sinker. >>

Have you actually compared a pidgen with a gecko? The differences are 
enormous!!!! The small group of physiologists  n fact accounts for 
practically all of them working today, not to mention every single 
orthinologists. Birds are as much reptiles as they are fish.

eric l.