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Re: Western U.S.

>I know this is kind of off topic, but, Ii figured that this group is
>probably a good group to ask about this. The question is this;
>Where can i find some I find some literature about the geologic history of
>the western United States. I have a paper by S.J. Reynolds and J.P. Jenney
>about the geologic setting of Arizona. I'm giving a brief talk about this in
>a few weeks, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
>Student of Geology
>Northern Arizona University
>AIM: TarryAGoat

        We used an excellent textbook in my historical geology class called
The Earth Through Time (6th Edition) by Harold Levin that details
everything from the Devonian paleogeography of the North American craton to
the present.  (1999, Saunders College Publishing.  Library of Congress
catalog card #98-84385.)

        A good source is the Geological Society of America in Boulder,
Colorado.  Here are a couple of papers available from them:

Bally, W., and A.R. Palmer (eds.) 1989:  "The geology of North America; an
overview."  Decade of North American Geology, vol. A.

Salvador, A. 1991:  Geology of North America.

        Hope these help.  --TAC

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