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Novel approaches to taxonomy (was RE: Air sacs in extant non-avian reptiles?)

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> I distinctly remember a cover story in Nature about how they
> found a turtle
> ancestor. This was before some cladist decided that it must be a
> diapsid and
> then the beastie was all of a sudden surpressed.
> typical.

Response I: Humorous) "Hey, Kevin and Kevin," said Jacques.  "We've got a
possible diapsid turtle ancestor.  Time to push it into the Vault next to
the Ark of the Covenant."
"Help!!  Help!!" cried the little fossil.  "I'm being surpressed!"

Response II: More serious) You know, memory is often less distinct than one
might think.  Care to try a little library work and back up this comment
with data?  Thanks in advance,

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