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Re: Sundry responses of Bois

bruceshillinglaw@netzero.net wrote:

> It seems to me that by nesting in relatively large numbers, especially in a 
limited area,
> dinosaurs (or canada geese) might "flood" that area with nests/eggs.
> The mammals/predators in the area would need to find something else to feed 
on during
> most of the year, and that would tend to limit their numbers.
> Imagine an area which could support a half-dozen pairs of opossum-like 

A higher number of egg eaters would be supported, if different dinosaur 
species laid their eggs at different times of the year. Of course this would 
imply a dinosaur population diverse enough to sustain some kind of  
"continuous" supply of eggs. I don't think that the late late Maastrichtian 
would be the right place for animals to specialise in egg eating.


Heinz Peter Bredow