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Re: Reptilia (was RE: Sundry responses of Bois)

--- Ralph Chapman <Chapman.Ralph@NMNH.SI.EDU> wrote:

> Actually, the node is called the Amniota which leads
> to the Reptilia side
> and the Synapsida side (ours). 

If I understand this correctly, there was a kind of
animal around, an amniote, that led to both reptiles
and mammals, but it wasn't an amphibian (as we now
classify them). I guess my confusion is an example of
old classifications dying slowly.  

I'm interested in reading more about these amniotes in
some (relatively) painless source.  Any suggestions? 
Does Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs go into
this subject?  Feel free to write offlist; probably
better that way.  Thanks.


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